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Gagangiri Tours and Travels is the premier tour agency for the Ajanta Ellora Caves Tour. We are dedicated to providing an unforgettable travel experience that combines culture, history and luxury. We specialize in providing private tours to Ajanta and Ellora Caves, and our packages include luxurious accommodations, comfortable transportation, and knowledgeable tour guides.

Our tours are tailored to the individual needs of our clients, and can be conducted either from Mumbai or Aurangabad. Our tour packages are designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, convenience and satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a luxurious escape or a memorable adventure, Gagangiri Tours and Travels will make sure your Ajanta Ellora Caves Tour is nothing less than perfect.


The Ajanta Caves are one of the world's greatest historical monuments recognized by UNESCO. These are 30 rock-cut cave monuments located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra dating back to the 2nd Century BC to 600 BC. These caves have extraordinary paintings and sculptures which are considered to be the epitome of Buddhist religious art. The most notable thing about these caves is that they have been entirely crafted from hands using just hammers and chisels.


The Ellora caves are a World Heritage site located 29 km North-West of Aurangabad. These caves represent the pinnacle of Indian rock-cut architecture. There are a total of 34 caves extending over more than 2 km - 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu, and 5 Jain caves built between the 5th century and 10th century. Structures dedicated to Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism in the same complex also illustrate the spirit of tolerance in ancient India.

 Daulatabad Fort :

Originally the mountainous Deogiri fortress, it was an old Hindu stronghold, finally captured and plundered by deceit in the 13th century. Made the capital of the Delhi Sultanate 100 years later by Tughlaq, it was the prime fortress of many successive dynasties in the Deccan. Daulatabad is famous for its series of trick defenses, secret escape routes, 5 km long wall, and artificial scarping. Important monuments within the fort include the Jami Masjid - now the Bharat Mata Mandir, the Chand Minar, Elephant Tank, and Chini Mahal, or Chinese Palace.

people are entering caves.
a dom like structure in the caves.
a white dom with three entry gates.

Ajanta-Ellora Tour Itinerary

Location: Aurangabad Duration: 6 - 8 hours
Pick up at 09:00 AM in the morning from Aurangabad Hotel. Later Move on for Sightseeing.
First visit to Ajanta Caves In return visit Daulatabad Fort After that visit to Ellora Caves
In return visit Aurangabad City. Return back by evening around 18:00 PM & drop to Hotel.

VIsit Ajana Caves, Ellora Caves, Daulatabad Fort
Additional Information
Ajanta caves closed on Monday & Ellora caves closed On Tuesday.
Sightseeing by Exclusive Car With Driver Including Pick up & Drop at your Hotel. Includes all  Toll Tax & Parking for Local Journey. Includes Half Day /Full Day Guide Service if the Guide option is Selected.
Shopping - Drivers / Guide instructed not to take Clients for shopping unless advised by the Clients/Travelers.

Sightseeing Tariff-2024( Approximate)

Etios- ₹5100 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora 

5 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes//AC : Yes

Innova Crysta- ₹8500 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

7 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes // AC : Yes

Ertiga- ₹6600 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

7 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes // AC : Yes

Tampu Travel- ₹14500 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

17 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes// AC : Yes

Innova-₹7500 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

7 seats // Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes // AC : Yes

Kia Carens- ₹8500 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

5 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes// AC : Yes

Swift Dzire-₹4900 /Two Days Ajanta Ellora

5 seats// Lugguage : 2 Big + 2 Small // Music Player : Yes // AC : Yes

Not Inclusive:
Pick up & Drop Charges at the airport / Railway Station will be Extra. Entrances on Direct Payment with help of a guide
Entrance Cost Per Person Per Visit (subject to change) Ajanta Caves -Foreigner Rs.250 /Indian Rs.10 + Shuttle Bus and Amenity Charges as applicable, ELLORA CAVES -Foreigner Rs.250 /Indian Rs.10, DAULATABAD FORT  - Foreigner Rs. 100 /Indian Rs. 10,  BIBI KA MAQBARA   Foreigner Rs. 100 /Indian Rs. 10, AURANGABAD CAVES Foreigner  Rs. 100 /Indian Rs. 10, PANCHAKI Foreigner RS.20 /Indian Rs. 05               
Food Guide for Lunch /Dinner :
Aurangabad City  - Atithi Rooftop Restaurant /Angeethi Restaurant/China Town - At Amar Preet Hotel /Indiana Rest /Apoorva Rest /Hotel Rama International /Hotel Taj Residency /Citrus Cafe - Hotel Lemon Tree /  Tandoor, Mainland  China. At  Ellora -Kailash Restaurant and  At Ajanta - MTDC Restaurant Ajanta

Important Tourist places from Aurangabad and Car Rental

Ajanta Caves:- 110km. Ellora Caves-   23 Kms

Jain Caves- 23 Kms. Aurangabad-Shirdi- 115 Kms

Aurangabad-Paithan- 86 Kms.Aurangabad-Pune-112 kms

Aurangabad-Ghrishneshwar-35 Kms

Aurangabad-Mumbai- 370 Kms

Aurangabad-Lonar Lake-141 Kms

 Please Note

Ajanta Caves sightseeing Information

Entry Ticket Price in Ajanta caves:- Rs. 35/- per person for Indians and around Rs. 600 for foreigners.

Any other expenses at caves:- Apart from the ticket price you have to take the shuttle bus to reach the main caves area. AC and Non AC are both buses operating there you can choose as per your choice. The price starts from Rs. 10 to 30 per person.

How many Caves are in Ajanta:- Around 30 caves.

How much time it will take to explore Ajanta caves:- It will take around 2-3 hrs to explore the caves but it all depends on you how fast or slow you explore

Food option:- There is a canteen available at Ajanta caves.

  Ellora Caves Sightseeing Information

Distance From Aurangabad:- Aurangabad to Ellora caves Distance is 29km

Time Duration:- 1 Hour.

Ellora Caves timing:- 8 AM to 5 PM

Entry Ticket Price in Ellora caves:- Rs. 35/- per person for Indians and around Rs. 600 for foreigners.

Any other expenses at caves:- Apart from the ticket price no need to pay anything extra.

How many Caves are in Ellora:- Around 34 caves.

How much time it will take to explore Ellora caves:- It will take around 2-3 hrs to explore the caves but it all depends on you how fast or slow you explore

Food options:- There are lots of restaurants available near Ellora caves.

Accommodation Options at Ellora Caes, and Ajanta Caves

Click on the link for MTDC Accommodation  Booking 


On Day 2 along With Ellora caves, we will visit other places also as mentioned above and will explore all places as some places are located within Aurangabad city and some places are located on the way to Ellora hence we can cover all places in one day only.


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