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Wow, Sinhagad Fort in Pune is an absolute gem for adventure seekers, photography enthusiasts, and history buffs alike! The name Sinhagad itself means Lion’s Fort, and it's perched on a hill amidst the stunning Sahyadri Mountains. Even though some parts of the fort are in ruins, it still manages to attract countless visitors who are eager to explore its rich history and architectural grandeur. Trust us, Sinhagad Fort is a must-visit destination that will leave you spellbound!



Where is Sinhagad Fort located?

Sinhagad Fort is in Thoptewadi, about 35 km away from Pune city. At the base of the fort is Donaje Village, from where the trek starts. You can also get a local guide here, to help you know Sinhagad Fort story as you explore the area.

History of Sinhagad Fort

As per the carvings on the Kaundinyeshwar Temple, Sinhagad Fort is believed to be a 2000-year-old fort. It is also known as Kondhana Killa, as sage Kaundinya lived here and meditated.

Till the early 14th century, Nag Naik, a Koli king, ruled the fort. But, in 1328, a Turkish invader Muhammad bin Tughlaq captured it.Later, as the region was handed over to Shahaji, a Maratha commander for Ibrahim Adil Shah I, managed the fort. In 1647, Shahaji’s son Shivaji convinced Siddi Amber (Adil Shah’s Sardar) that he would manage the fort. Shivaji, instead, took over the fort. Adil Shah then imprisoned Siddi Amber and Shahaji. And Shivaji had to return the hold of the fort for his father’s release. But he captured Sinhagad Fort again in 1656.

Then the Mughals attacked the fort around 1662. And in 1665, the fort was handed over to Jai Singh. But Shivaji conquered it again and managed to rule over it till 1689. This Sinhagad Fort battle, in 1670, was led by his commander, Tanaji Mulasare.Several more battles were fought between the Marathas and the Mughals until the fort was taken over by the British in 1818.

Sinhagad Fort Trekking Details

Trekking is the most popular adventurous activity undertaken at Sinhagad Fort. The trekking route starts from old Katraj’s Tunnel Top. And the route has got plenty of eye-pleasing sights of hills, forests and mountain ranges. It is best done in the early morning hours.

You'll also find numerous bikers and backpackers on your trek to the fort.

  • Sinhagad Fort trek distance: 16 km

  • Sinhagad Fort trek time: 4-5 hours

  • Sinhagad Fort trek difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate

Many tourists also opt to go to Sinhagad Fort base village, Donaje, by car. And then start their trek to the top of the fort. This segment is only about 2 km long, but on steep and rocky terrain. And it usually takes around an hour to reach the top.

How to climb Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad Fort has two gates: Pune Darwaza and Kalyan Darwaza. Stone stairways lead you to the top of the fort. And whichever route you take, it should take you 1-2 hours to climb the fort.

There, you can spend 2-3 hours exploring the fort complex and enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Things to see at Sinhagad Fort

1. Grand entrance gates –

Sinhagad Fort Pune has two entrance gates. The one, with a road coming from Pune, is called Pune Darwaza; the other, opening towards Kalyan, is called Kalyan Darwaza. They're made with large stone blocks, stacked together with lead and limestone. You can climb on them and watch over the area.

2. Tanaji Kada –

Tanaji Kada is the steepest cliff-side of Sinhagad Fort. This is the side from which Shivaji’s commander Tanaji Mulasare climbed the fort with a small army at night. As per the legends, they took the support and help of a tamed monitor lizard.

3. Khandkada Machi –

It is the eastern tip of Fort Sinhagad. It is near the parking area of Sinhagad Fort, close to Pune Darwaza. From here, you can view the entire eastern region around the fort. Khandkada Machi was used to keep an eye over the Purandar Fort, and the rivers Mula and Mutha.

4. Kalavanteen Buruj –

Kalavanteen Buruj is one of the turrets in Sinhagad Fort which is still intact, and in a good condition. From here, you can get a clear view of the surrounding hills and valleys, and Tanaji Kada.

5. Zunjar Buruj –

It is a tall turret on the southwestern tip of the fort. From Zunjar Buruj, you get an unobstructed view of the surroun

ding landscape. Photographers and rock climbing enthusiasts will love this point in Sinhagad Fort.

6. Daru Kothar –

Daru Kothar is a small, hut-like structure near Pune Darwaza. It was used as a granary during the old times. From this point, you can look all around the surrounding valley.

7. Kade Lot –

Kade Lot is believed to be the place where prisoners were punished; thrown down from the edge of the cliff. It is on the western-most side of the fort, and it’s an attractive viewpoint. It is also called Sunset Point. And from here, you can see the tingling lights of Pune city, as the night takes over.

8. Wind Point –

The wind point of Sinhagad Fort is where you can feel the strong force of wind blowing past. It can be challenging to walk/stand in this area. But people come here to witness the reverse falls phenomenon. Here, water falling off the cliff is carried back to the top, because of the wind.

9. Tanaji Malusare’s Memorial –

The memorial of Maratha commander Tanaji Malusare is built over his resting place. He died fighting with the fort keeper Udaybhan Rathod. Tanaji’s bust is placed here.

10. Udaybhan Rathod’s Memorial –

The memorial of Udaybhan Rathod is also here at Sinhagad Fort. He was a Rajput warrior who suffered deep wounds after the fierce fight with Tanaji. Shelar Mama, a Maratha warrior, killed him.

11. Chhatrapati Rajaram’s Tomb –

Chhatrapati Rajaram was the caretaker of Sinhagad Fort. The tomb resembles Muslim architecture, and it has a small Tulsi Vrindavan too. And from here, you can get a good view of Khadakwasla Dam and the city of Pune.

12. Sinhagad Fort temples –

In the fort, Kaundinyeshwar Temple is an old temple dedicated to God Shiva. It is at the highest point. It has carvings that date back to over 2000 years. Amruteshwar Temple is on the southern side of the fort. It has the idols of Bhairav and Bhairavi, who are worshipped by the local fishermen. A Hanuman Temple and a Kali Temple are also among the popular Sinhagad Fort points to see.

13. Dev Taake –

Dev Taake means God’s Cistern. It is a well, with crystal clear water. You'll find the water sweet and cold. And it is one of the sources of water for the locals who have their shops set in the fort complex. Dev Taake is a good place to pause and quench your thirst.

14. Horse stables –

In Sinhagad Fort, you'll find caves that used to be horse stables. The condition of the caves has deteriorated, but you can still see hoops carved into the rocks, all around in the caves.

15. Top Khana –

Top Khana (or the Cannon Storehouse) was used to store weapons and cannonballs. And this stone structure carries the marks of all the wars it has witnessed. This place also offers a gorgeous view of the valley surrounding the fort.

16. Lokmanya Tilak’s bungalow –

Lokmanya Tilak used to stay in Sinhagad Fort often. His bungalow in the fort acted as a summer house. Gandhiji and Balgangadhar Tilak also stayed with him several times to discuss the freedom struggle.

Other things to do at Sinhagad Fort Pune

1. Camping – Sinhagad Fort camping will provide the best views from the top of the fort. You can pitch your tent in the permissible areas. And you can spend your time stargazing and watching the city lights at a distance. Then, you'll also get to witness the morning sun as it comes up over the horizon. With prior permission from the authorities, you can stay overnight in the bungalow too.

2. Bird watching – Near the Sinhagad Fort trekking route, you can go for bird watching at the stream. Crested tree-swifts, Serpent Eagle, Sunbirds and several other species of birds come here to drink water usually in the morning or evening.

3. Tasting local food – The fort is the go-to place for many foodies. Local people sell freshly cut fruits in the complex and along the trekking route. You'll also find a variety of spicy local snacks being sold here. And while you're here, don’t forget to try the Maharashtrian style food platter.



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